Thought you’d like to know a little bit about the impact that you had on me. You were there for me during my time of need, providing your guidance, expertise, suggestions, your energy and your time.
You might remember saying ” We’ll get that smile back on your face” and you did and I am smiling today. In all my years, no one has ever offered to help me smile, that is until you came along. Please know that the world is a better place because of you and my world is a whole lot brighter because of my smile.
Gratefully yours and with a smile on my face, I hope you and yours smile a whole lot today and tomorrow”

M Miller.
Doctor Fuentes is a great and amicable man who maintains professionalism even through a cheerful smile. He was able to restore amazing function to my years-long damaged traps and lower back within a minimum of sessions. Usually when you hear of chronic pain sufferers who have been dealing with symptoms for such periods of time, the recovery takes at least half as long. I was able to use my full reach in boxing without any pain afterwards only a month or so after my first treatment. My energy levels also shot up, I felt about fifteen years younger! Heheh. I definitely recommend Doctor Fuentes and his treatment, even if you do not suffer he has the ability to improve overall life quality!
Aionos Polemistis
What can I say, Dr. Fuentes “El Medico Chino” cured me of headaches, which had plagued me for a long time. If I would have gone to see an MD, they probably would have prescribed drugs, which only mask the symptoms. Dr. Fuentes sought out the cause, and was able to provide me with relief, without the use of medication. My next mission is to get my seasonal allergies under control, and I know from references that he is good with this as well.
Tony U.
An AWESOME alternative to medicine! Dr Fuentes is a very passionate person when it come to your health! He has got me off of all meds that were making me sicker. I no longer am a weekly sufferer of migraines and no longer suffer daily of Vertigo! Also just recently he cured my toe nail fungus! Forget MD’s if you want to live healthy and good! Come visit Luis Fuentes! Your in the best of care!!!!
Diana Z.
He is the best he had cured me in several ways my neck is better the numbness in my are is gone and my back feels great I recommend him to everyone
Daniel Acosta
I have been a patient for over 20 years, times I went there I couldn’t walk and with his treatment I walked out on my own. A Great Guy and a Fantastic Doctor . He cares about his patients and accommodates them.
Arnold Midler

I was very ill and relied only on my medical doctors. I was taking many, many medications and while I was not getting worse, I was not getting any better and still felt terrible. Enter Dr. Fuentes, he promised to make me better and the rest is history. I am a new woman, I barely take medication anymore and I have lost 60 lbs along the way. Thank You Luis for Saving me”.

L. Brotman S.

“The thing that stands out about Dr. Fuentes, is that I feel he cares, I mean, really cares. He seems to know about everything. He has transformed me, my health and my life. Thank God for him. If you go to him, do what he tells you, it will change you too”.

I. Martin

I heard about Dr. Fuentes through my wife who had a recurring and nagging back pain which no one had been able to help her with, and he finally helped her. I was rather impressed and intrigued because in reality I only believed in conventional western medicine with no understanding or appreciation for treatment methods practiced by Dr. Fuentes.

I asked him if he could help me with some pain and health issues. As a result I am no longer a diabetic, I’ve lost over 20 lbs, and I feel great because a large number of various ailments have been eliminated. Most importantly he taught me and continues to teach me what makes me sick and how to take control of my own health through proper mental attitude and the proper nutrition plan specifically designed for my needs. His grasp and knowledge of state of the art testing, and how to solve problems, is like nothing I have ever seen with any doctor.

I would encourage anyone with health issues to consult with Dr. Fuentes. Be warned, you will never look at traditional medicine the same way”.

O. Sarraff

“I am a pilot, over a two years ago, I contracted an infection from tainted food, and sought conventional care for my problem. The antibiotics did not work, this was a terrible struggle, which had a major impact on my life. Dr. Fuentes worked very closely with me, at one point I really thought I was going to take antibiotics for the rest of my life. I did what he told me , and after two hard years , I am cured. Thanks Dr. Fuentes , you are my doctor”.

J. C. Gonzalez

I wanted to tell you something else, which I always forget to mention when I’m in the office:
I’ve always had “low energy weekends”, where I didn’t feel like moving or doing anything and spent hours on the couch in the morning waiting for the coffee to kick in so that I would feel like getting up and do what needs to get done.

I always thought that’s normal, but since I’ve been your patient, that hasn’t happened anymore. I wake up and I’m good to go!

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback!!

E. Becker

Dr. Fuentes I Awesome! I suffered for years with migraines and vertigo. After 6 months of treatment my migraines and vertigo were non existence!! Thank you Doc !

Diana Masi Zegretti

“I am a type I diabetic and for the last four years I was having a lot of debilitating issues with my health besides the diabetes. I had an extremely painful Morton’s neuroma in my left foot, I also had plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel all of which caused excruciating pain. I received treatment from three different podiatrists and a neurologist. During a period of two years I was given a total of seven cortisone injections, had to wear a hand brace and a leg brace all night long, take anti-inflammatory medication during the day and go to therapy after work. I was prescribed custom made shoe inserts that did not help at all with the pain, ($350.00 + the cost of the shoes). According to these doctors the other solution to alleviate the pain was to have both foot and hand surgery.

I was extremely frustrated that I was not getting any better no matter how much money the insurance company and I had spent. Instead, I was getting worse. My sugar levels were out of control due to the cortisone injections and I was still in pain. This whole situation was sadly affecting my family.

I was very lucky that a friend of mine, referred me to Dr. Fuentes who had successfully treated her entire family. As soon as Dr. Fuentes put me on a wellness program my blood sugar went down so much that I had to reduce my insulin. The pounds literally melted off and after my first acupuncture treatment for the neuroma, the pain was completely gone. At first, I thought it was a temporary cure, but it has been two years that I don’t have any pain on my foot. All the other symptoms vanished as the days went by. I never miss an appointment, I actually look forward to receive treatment and continue with the wellness program. I was able to accomplish all of this without any medication thanks to Dr. Fuentes.

I’m really happy to say that I look and feel great in my high heels!

I have referred dozens of people to Dr. Fuentes and they are all very happy that they have started the program. Once again, I’m extremely thankful to Dr. Fuentes.”

M. Hernandez

When Dr. Fuentes had blood work done on me, I found out I had walking pneumonia….If it wasn’t for him….
Thanks for caring…..You really know your stuff !!

Ken Bialy

To me, Dr Luis Fuentes is definitely an outstanding professional, but more important than that, a great human being. A true blessing for all of us that come across his practice.

Lorena DaSambiagio
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